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Examples of successful Ivy league scholarship essays 



Academics is the right of everyone but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, it can get difficult to afford education. It becomes even more difficult when a person dreams to study in elite educational institutes that belong to the Ivy League. A humble essay is all that is needed to make a huge difference and it could be enough to get you the right ticket. If you are unsure about what you are going to write my essay, then take a look at some examples to inspire you along the way. 







Essay 1



It was the most elated I had ever been. I had the high school completion behind me and I would move on to bigger and better things. It was the same moment that reality dawned on me and I felt frozen to my spot. How would I be able to fulfill my goal of studying further? Will I never get a chance to take admission to my favorite institute? My dreams of becoming a medical health practitioner started to crumble before my eyes.



The struggle to get educated has not been easy. My parents did all they could but there is a limit to the efforts they can put in. Posing any extra burden on them would fill me with ultimate sadness as I feel now is my time to shine and give them the support that they need. But that can only be done through proper education and developing a professional career on that



It was not easy overcoming the feeling but there is always light at the end of the darkest of tunnels. Seeking the opportunity, I came across the scholarship program for the prestigious institute and I knew at that moment that it was my calling. I want to do all in my power to help people and take them out of their health-related predicaments. But in order to get to that particular level, I want to pursue my academics. 



If chosen, I would be able to pay the expenses related to my college and it would help me through the degree. Striving has always been in my genes and this would be no exception. Nothing short of excellence is expected or desired. I hope the committee explores the talents that I have to offer not just to the people but to everyone that might need it. I shall be forever grateful if given this opportunity. And if you are unable to write your essay then ask an expert to write my paper for me.



Essay 2



It is a strange feeling to a battle between what is your passion and what you might be able to enjoy as a privilege. Being on the negative side of the equation, I had to suffer compromising my passion for what I and my family could afford. Academics on the other hand has always been a different thing as there have always been some arrangements made by my parents to help me secure a future.



Justice and its accompanying elements have always fascinated me. That is why I have set the bar to reach the point where I would be in a position to help people attain it. Becoming a law school graduate and then pursuing my career as an essay writer is the final prize. Yet, the path to it is a relatively bumpy one.



Life has always handed me lemons but I believe now is the time to change it. Hearing about the scholarship program lit a glimmer of hope for me as it could be the only way possible to achieve my lifelong dream and make everyone around me proud. 



If I am selected as the candidate to earn a scholarship, I would be able to uphold the name of this prestigious institute and bring all my efforts together to achieve excellence. Since I have so much hunger and passion for it, I would do all in my power to build and pursue a successful career using the funds that I would be granted. It is an ambitious dream but I never shy away from thinking big. 



You can keep the above samples as a guiding point and build your own essay with ease. Scholarship essay examples serve as a guideline so that you may be able to find the relevant details. If you feel like you are stuck and need help regarding it, get help from an expert who is well-versed in it. Professional writers know how to accomplish the best of tasks and would aid you in the next task.



When you write my paper especially for elite institutes, it is always better to keep focused and do something unique from the rest. Anybody can write the traditional qualities that one should possess such as teamwork, leadership, etc. It won’t count for much. You have to bring in your own spin. Why should anyone give you the chance when there are thousands of candidates waiting on the sidelines.



Such thinking would expose more avenues for you and you would be able to think like a champion. The committee that grants scholarships can be really stingy and if you do not keep up with them then you might as well not try at all. Find your inner self and see what qualities hide in there. By truly knowing what you are capable of and finding meaning that drives you, you would be able to craft something unique and undeniably worthy or else consider an essay writing service.



Keep track of the usual elements of essay writing and do not lose focus while keeping your eyes on the prize. Once done, then you can submit to earn a chance.



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