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  • Requirements for writing a term paper
  • How to issue a term paper?
  • Common mistakes when writing a term paper

Much has been said and written about term papers. Not only serious rules and recommendations, but also anecdotes. That only is a pearl button accordion "You do not know what to write to the guy, write him a term paper." Times are running fast, and such tasks are eternal. Well, okay. The main thing is to learn the basic rules, and then term papers can be clicked like seeds. And even make money on it.

Requirements for writing a term paper

Coursework should clearly correspond to a given topic and reveal it from all sides. We need objectivity in the consideration of the issue, and not just one's own opinion at the level of “entered - not entered”. The topic is chosen independently, voiced by the teacher or offered in methodological recommendations. It is important that it be relevant, not boring and not trivial. Agree, it's strange to write, for example, about crime statistics for 2018, if 3 years have already passed.

Mandatory writing requirements:

  • Absolute literacy. This applies to spelling, punctuation, syntax.
  • The reliability of the data. The facts quoted must be verified and up-to-date. For example, if statistics are provided - only from official sites and only for the required or the most recent period.
  • Uniqueness. Coursework in humanitarian areas should be 85% unique, in economic, legal or technical areas - 75% +. At the same time, there are restrictions on borrowing from one source - no more than 15%.
  • The consistency of the presentation of the material. There is no need to twist the facts upside down. Consistency must be applied. It is important that all blocks and paragraphs are interconnected in meaning and follow from one another.

The uniqueness of the course work must be checked for several services of the Antiplagiat system at the same time and strive to achieve a result of 5-10% of the above minimum. And we are pleased to announce that if you do your best to reduce the percentage of plagiarism in your work but you fail, you just need to go to our Home page and we will definitely help you with this.

How to issue a term paper?

Coursework should be clearly structured. It is required to fill out the title page, which should be as informative as possible. Mandatory elements - plan, introduction, theoretical chapter, practical chapter, conclusion. In addition, you need a bibliography and, if necessary, an appendix.

The building blocks are titled and the name is centered. Subsections and sections cannot be named the same. The font used for the entire work is Times New Roman, size 14, one and a half line spacing. Margin markings - 2 cm above and below, 1.5 cm on the left and 3 cm on the right.

Links to other sources and citations are made out with footnotes. It is appropriate that there are no more than 2-3 of them per page. Moreover, they are not just indicated, but are automatically transferred to the sources. That is, there should be no references to the original source, which is not in the bibliographic list. Conversely, it is impossible to indicate literature in the list at the end of the work simply for quantity, without references in the text itself. All these rules are general for any subject and any teacher. It doesn't matter what you write your term paper on. If you cannot arrange it yourself the way you need it, our specialists are ready to help you as soon as possible

In writing a term paper, you can use the whole range of sources, including foreign publications. If a student speaks a foreign language, this is a super trump card. After all, such material is definitely not often used, which means that uniqueness is guaranteed.

Common mistakes when writing a term paper

Term papers are often written spontaneously without proper preparation. This means that the student decides to be guided by the fact and does not prepare. Although the first stage is the study of literature. And the speed of writing and the content of the work will largely depend on its quality.

If you don’t make a plan first, your writing can go off track. Such works look chaotic, unconscious and illogical. Therefore, a common mistake is the inconsistency of the material.

Students often use questionable information, such as outdated literature or ambiguous scientific positions. This leads to a one-sided study of the issue and casts doubt on the reliability. Data corruption is a blunder.

Considering the trend of fighting plagiarism, special attention is paid to uniqueness. Moreover, students often go for tricks and forbidden tricks. For example, they distort the facts, replace the Latin alphabet with the Cyrillic alphabet, use copy-paste and synonymize. Moreover, they do not always do it with their own hands, but order work from unscrupulous authors. The latter is also often a mistake. Despite the fact that it is not shameful to contact specialists, it is shameful not to know which ones. With a little understanding of the topic, you will know exactly who to contact for the finished homework or good coursework.

A good coursework can be a chapter or part of a final qualifying paper. That is, this is a kind of investment in the future and another incentive to fulfill it at the highest level.

By contacting the company "Essay assistant" you do not risk anything, but you guarantee yourself an excellent result, saving time and effort. We carry out custom term papers on any topic, offer ready-made options, uniqueize, arrange in accordance with the standards and answer all your questions.



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